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Mesoamerican Digitized Codices is devoted to making accessible in one location Mesoamerican digitized pre-Columbian and 16th century codices available on the Internet so that readers can explore these culturally and historically significant treasures.

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Codex Mendoza

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Hispanic American Historical Review

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Categorization of Codices

The codices that have survived are categorized into pre-Columbian composition and post- Columbian composition.  Pre-Columbian references those codices that were written before the arrival of the Spanish whereas post-Columbian references those written after the arrival of the Spanish. Depending on the culture, the writing can appear as glottographic (language-based) or semasiographic (idea-based) systems. When accessing these works it is fundamental to set aside any western conventions of what one might believe constitutes writing. In many cases, the composition of codices appears to be a fusion between writing and art. All of this will become more apparent as you explore the Pre-Columbian codices.
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